Become an Alive and Well Community

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Your community can become an Alive and Well Community.

Alive and Well Communities grew from two successful initiatives in Kansas City and St. Louis working to address the health impact of trauma and toxic stress. Today, the work is growing beyond these two regions.

As more communities become familiar with the science behind trauma and toxic stress, local leaders and residents are looking for new solutions. Communities are recognizing that many of the adversities they face – from epidemic levels of addiction and community violence to poor educational and health outcomes – have a common root cause: trauma and toxic stress. Communities and individuals experience layers of adversity -- from individual traumas to the trauma of poverty, the trauma of discrimination, and the lasting impacts of historical traumas.

To begin healing from within, Alive and Well Communities apply the science of trauma and toxic stress to improve individual and institutional responses to these layers of trauma to promote healing, well-being and equity.

There are many ways for individuals and organizations to get started building an Alive and Well Community.

To begin the journey, please email